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A Wi-Fi signal can be used for any device that needs to connect to the Internet. We make use of Luxul products as it is one of the best equipment currently available where it comes to strengthening your Internet signal via Wi-Fi.

How it works:

We use Cat 6 cable from the router to the Internet access point .The location from this access point then creates a hotspot for any device that needs a signal from the Internet. It transmits on 2GHz and 5GHz. By simply creating a name for this device, one just needs to log in with a password.

This hotspot device is the ideal answer to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal over long distances. This is also applicable for double storey houses.

This Device hotspot Wi-Fi creator is also perfect for any business that provides Internet access. It’s also recommended for restaurants where they offer FREE INTERNET to their customers.

If you need more detailed information regarding the Device (access point), please call us or simply send us an email.

Equipment for Wi-Fi hotspot starts from R 3990-00 excluding the installation. Normally installations are about R 960-R 1900 depending on distance and difficult rate these cost might decrease or increase.

Our prices are the same if you buy it at the agents themselves but…to install it might be a problem for those whom are not familiar with IP programming.



ANY type of House, double storage, 4 storage and as far as one would like it to be exposed to Wi-Fi signals.

ANY type off business (Covers a big areas and works perfect for warehouses) for Wi-Fi signals.

Perfect for buildings like SARS or any Government or privately owned building For Wi-Fi signals

Please take note: We are not a ISP (Internet Service Provider) provider yet….there for you must have rooter already installed.

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