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Crystal Clear TV

Residential Properties

DS TV Installations for Houses (Residential) covers the following:

Full upgraded dish 80-90 cm installations
Single View Decoders R 499-00
Explora Model 2 HD PVR R 1299.00 (Latest decoder requires professional installation)

NEW FROM 3 February 2016 “GoTv” (Antenna installation):

Installation requires antenna installed and setup for maximum reception from main towers

Activating NEW DS Tv systems / XtraView or Triple view (Third decoder @ R85 p/m extra)

Crystal Clear TV is capable of activating NEW DS Tv installations if you are not a subscriber to MultiChoice.

New Extra View decoders can also be activated with your existing decoder. New developments and upgrades are still in process
This is done at no extra charge

DS TV Extra View Systems BRAND NEW: Three (3) decoders in extra view!!

Different types of Extra view systems excluding Decoders:

  1. Single View and Single View
  2. Single View and HD PVR
  3. SD PVR and HD PVR (3 DS Tv channels and 2 recordings at the same time) *This decoder is out of circulation*
  4. HD PVR and HD PVR plus 1 HD decoder or Explora
  5. Explora and Explora or 6 Explora decoders is 3 Extra view setups

Methods of extra view setup: (3 decoders):

DSTV PVR HD Decoder and Installation:

We advise strongly against buying the Explora decoder if you can not afford the proper installation
The Explora is more advanced in all aspects and you will loose out on programs and functions being transmitted on the High band

The Twin LNB and small dish is NOT the correct installation method