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Crystal Clear TV

DSTV Installations For Residential Properties

DSTV Installations for Houses (Residential) covers the following:

DSTV Extra View Systems - BRAND NEW: Three (3) decoders in extra view!!

Different types of Extra view systems excluding Decoders:


  1. SD PVR and HD PVR (3 Ds Tv channels and 2 recordings at the same time) *This decoder is out of circulation*
  2. HD PVR and HD PVR plus 1 HD decoder or Explora
  3. Explora and Explora or 6 Explora decoders is 3 Extra view setups or 2 triple view setups. A three decoder setup requires at least ONE Explora decoder. The other 2 can be single view HD or if you like Explora decoders. We use user band frequencies to setup these decoders so that they receive all the same signal from the satellite.

Methods of extra view setup: (3 decoders):

DSTV PVR HD Decoder & Installation: (Dstv installations from Pretoria to Midrand and Johannesburg.)

We advise strongly against buying the Explora decoder if you cannot afford the proper installation.

The Explora is more advanced in all aspects and you will lose out on programs and functions being transmitted on the High band. Connecting this decoder to the Internet will expand your choices of what to view when you want to.

A Twin LNB and small dish is NOT the correct installation method. You receive only LOW BAND signals and as from 1 January 2018 the new single view decoders also make use of the high band signals.

IF you still have this type of installation, you are paying for something you don't have. Consider an upgrade.

It’s recommended to use a large dish (at least 80 cm) for receiving signals from the satellite. This way the signals are stronger and can easily be used with 3 decoders or sometimes 6 decoders.

Think of the dish size as the speed of your Internet connection speed, the faster it is the faster the download and you can use more devices for the same speed for data from the Internet.