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Crystal Clear TV

New Developments (Houses)

We offer a wide range of installations. Depending on your needs or budget we can work on a system that will suit your budget.

Since we prepare all our installations for any future upgrades at minimum cost to the owner, we can install dishes that meet with MultiChoice requirements.

MultiChoice minimum requirements in SA:

  1. Dish sizes must not be less than 80 cm in size (Diameter)
  2. LNB’s to be installed must be a quad or then the New Smart LNB. (Eye in front of dish)
  3. Cable to be installed must be Double shielded
  4. The appropriate bracket must be used. Standard 50 mm or then the extended bracket (West mount) 50 mm

Requirements For Us As The Installer:

See our testing equipment

It’s not always possible to use the best as this might be expensive.

Distribution systems are normally used in large flats that has a few floors or where the distances are extreme from the one block to the other. Fibre optic is the latest technology and can carry all the signals needed for DSTV decoders of any model. (Most advanced decoder currently - The Explora)

Due to the fact that this is new technology it is normally expensive to start with.

We offer an alternative for single houses in Estates and or new developments in new areas.

Straight forward normal installations, easy manageable and easy maintenance at

We will offer you as the owner, builder or tender a very competitive cost to install for a large number of houses and /or flats. We are willing to go where the work takes us, as we have the tools and transport to get there.

Unfortunately this offer is only applicable to a huge number of houses and retirement houses.

Full installations depending on the number of houses can start at as little as R 999-00 (Based on a normal installation single LNB for single view).

Full upgraded system that’s ready for any decoder from as little as R 1299-00 (Large dish and Smart LNB).