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Crystal Clear TV

Hotels & Lodges

DSTV Installations For Guest Houses, Hotels & Lodges cover the following:

Distributing Signals:

We use 2 methods of distributing signals for Guest Houses, Hotels and Lodges:

  1. HD and/or Standard network distributions for guest houses, hotels and lodges
  2. This allows each room the ability to change and control their own channels. No limit to the channels they can watch

DSTV central system or Multi decoder for guest houses, hotels and lodges. This system is based on the main decoder or decoder’s situated at one point. Different channels up to a limit can be selected by each room.

Signal testing equipment:

All our work has something to do with signals, whether they are Satellites, RF (Antenna) and FM, HD or broad band signals. We use specialized field strength meter equipment approved by MultiChoice. We insure you of the best signal possible.

DSTV SD PVR  Decoder:

The SD PVR allows you to watch two channels at the same time and record one at the same time. This decoder can also be incorporated with extra view. HD decoders only. Unfortunately the SD PVR decoder is not in circulation anymore.

RF systems - analogue aerial installations:

RF systems are based on the analogue system still in use at many places. We use this technology to distribute signals through houses and networks like Complexes. Most decoders currently available have a RF output that must be placed on a frequency that will not interfere with the view.

Additional TV points – Unlimited