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Crystal Clear TV

DSTV Installations For Complexes & Flats

New Developments

DS TV Installations for Complexed & Flats covers the following: Better Known as Communal DS TV Systems / TV Systems:

  1. HD & DS TV / Digital Antenna / FM / Video Camera network distributions
  2. DS TV central system
  3. DS TV Installations
  4. DS TV Extra View systems
  5. RF Systems (Analogue signals / New digital signals as from 1st Feb 2016)
  6. Digital Aerial Installations. GoTv
  7. Single Cable Distribution systems
  8. Optic Fibre Distribution systems
  9. Distribution Units / Amplifiers / Filters

We specialize in distribution network setups from domestic to commercial. This in general means sophisticated systems that enables your residents to program their Ds Tv decoders in order to enjoy ALL Ds Tv channels SD / HD / Extra View. (SMATv)

SMATv systems are based on a one cable system that can consist out of Normal RF Digital Cable to DIGITAL FIBRE OPTIC cable. Distances are relevant to distributing and install the perfect system.

Underground Cable: We only quote / use the best cable for underground cabling. This will avoid water damage and corrosion. (This is very often sacrificed in order to save money) If it is not recommended by your installer or used, caution should be taken. Shortcuts so often fail!!

Our goal is to install the system once so that there will not be a need to re-install it again.

Please call us to set up a meeting as the above requires more detail. Request a quotation for DS TV installations.

All prices and Ds Tv installations are market related and is not necessarily based on the cheapest equipment available. We strive to provide our customers with quality that has been tested over a period of time and proven themselves to be reliable. Ds tv Installations or TV system installations are calculated to precise measurements in order to ensure that the Ds Tv installation or TV system installations is done to the best of our ability.

Separate dish installations