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Dstv Single View Decoder:

DS TV Installations for Houses (Residential) covers the following:

Activating NEW Dstv systems / Extra View (Explora decoders can also be applied in this type of installation):

Crystal Clear TV is capable of activating NEW DS TV installations if you are not a subscriber to MultiChoice. New extra View decoders can also be activated with your existing decoder. New developments and upgrades are still in process.

This is done at no extra charge

Dstv Extra View Systems Please note:

From today 21/06/2016 we can install 3 decoders in extra view for 3 Ds Tv points to watch 3 different Dstv channels for R85 a month extra on subscription.

Different types of Extra view systems excluding Decoders:

Methods of extra view setup:

Three (3) decoders at three (3) different points. (New generation decoders only)

Crystal Clear TV

Decoder Models & Installations