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About Crystal Clear TV

We Can Assist With All Your Dstv Requirements

Our technicians can install any Dstv system that you require.


Typical Dstv installations include HD PVR, Extra View and High Definition Distribution (HDMI) to additional points.

Crystal Clear TV can also do Sound System Installations, LAN Cabling(Internet) installations, projectors and screens installations and PA systems for retail shops or business centres. Call us for more information.

NB: We are not Internet Service Providers.

As with any TV system installation, the layout and planning are very important, we provide this free of charge and give you all the necessary information regarding the use and requirements of your chosen TV system.

Our distribution systems are created and carefully planned keeping into consideration distances and upgrades in the near future.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide customers with more than they expect, by utilizing our knowledge, quality workmanship and attention to detail. We make use of the latest technologies in digital meter testing equipment and attend new seminars concerning new developments, system upgrades and technology. We believe that this is essential and allows us to provide you, our valued customer, with accurate and relevant information that is applicable to your unique needs.

Crystal Clear TV was founded in 2008, our registration as a cc company was officially acknowledged early 2009. Since then our CEO (Eben Dobson) has been leading the company to new heights and an increase in our service levels and providing the best work humanly possible. We also provide more than just Dstv installations.

Your Satisfaction is our Mission!

Meet the team @ Crystal Clear Tv:

Rozaan, Adri, Eben, Livson, Method.

Together we will help you as best as we can.

Eben Dobson has the following qualifications: